DENBA Fresh, a special household refrigerator system!


The world’s first successful unit, and the safety and effectiveness of installing to the existing refrigerators have been certified, and it is commercialized as a household refrigerator.

By embedding the DENBA module in an existing household refrigerator, we can carry our technology without changing the current appearance of the refrigerator. The interior of the refrigerator becomes a DENBA space, which functions in the whole refrigerator. DENBA’s unique wavelength effect will also play a role in packaged ingredients.

Easy Installation

A short demonstration on how to install Denba Fresh in a home refrigerator. The technician also checks the effectiveness of the discharge plates throughout the refrigerator. This can work for any refrigerator or freezer and will more than double the time foods are kept fresh. Results can be seen right away.

Meiling Co., Ltd. manufacturer demo

China’s giant home appliance manufacturer Meiling, equipped with our DENBA technology has achieved great response in the industry. A normal refrigerator and one equipped with DENBA Fresh had beef, chicken, spinach, salmon and roses sealed in them for 17 days to be compared in a live broadcast.  

Results from demo

The items in the ordinary refrigerator has deteriorated, and the items in the Denba fresh refrigerator are completely fresh.

At the same time, it has obtained the world’s first fresh-keeping refrigerator and the world’s first freeze-thaw refrigerator certification. After the refrigerator was released, it became the leader in the industry.

In addition, in the home appliance review industry, it has won gold awards for two consecutive years, and the Denba Fresh M refrigerator has become a hot product.

Denba on the left, normal refrigeration on the right




W187mm × D110mm × H61mm

Input voltage

AC100V 50/60Hz AC220-240V 50Hz

Power consumption




Discharge plate


W260mm × D170mm × H6mm